Friday, May 11, 2012

Dark Shadows huh??

My best friend had 2 free Gold Class tickets and she invited me to see Dark Shadows.
as usual I always check the trailer on Youtube to see if I'm still interesting, well the trailer is amazing ("as if trailer ever bad, lol") and behind the scene clips even made me more exciting.

What do i think of this movie??
Well, i have to say that Tim Burton is a perfectionist, every little details, crops, locations, costume, camera angles, visual effects, music, colours, casting characters are perfection. 
He mixed vampire + 70's style + fairy tale = unusual a piece of art

       This vampire (Johny Depp)version is way classier than any other vampire movie i ever see, he dressed in style, he spoke with charming romance and he behaved like gentleman
       Also the character that got my attention the most is The Witch (Eva Green), everything she did  from violence, flirty, angry were extremely sexy. specially when she wore red sequins dress that take my breath away.
       Furthermore, i love the 70's fashion style, big hair, red lip stick, bright blue eyes shadows, sequins and retro patterns shirts and flare pants. disco ball ( what else can u ask for) 

The story was gentle, not too violence (except for the violence make out scene of 2 monsters.... lol)

So I love it and I think everyone should see this movie


behind the shadows

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