Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Getaway (FAIRY CAVE)

Spectacular valley view

Wild kangaroo

       At first my group as best friends(about 8 people) were planned to go on road trip to Adelaide. We made so many plans for it and at the end no-one committed to make this plan happen......

Hang To

They made my hope raise up and they drop me from heaven, specially I'm a person who always stick with my plan.( *I always have at least 3 plans for everything I want to do)

 So my best friend (Hang To) and I follow our plan B that was road trip to Lakes Entrance. I was so glad that Mr Weather loved us, there was beautiful sunny day and also smooth traffic.

Love the market stores

 When drove in car, we had one conversation to next conversation( I never consider I'm a talk-able person but on that day I  let everything out). We take away food and just had car full of foods, chocolate, fruits Asian foods, KFC, McDonald's and many more that I couldn't remember.... 

Book!!( let's see which cover look best??)
Cute stuff

Cute toys
This remind of my childhood when I used to made this out of news paper

The way from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance was about 5 hours because we stopped at a lot of places, such as shops, coffee, petrol stations, garage sales, vegetables sales, markets, antique stores......The scenes were spectacular, huge lands with lot of live stocks like cows, horses, sheep. Very peaceful and quiet place for getaway from busy city life.( I think this place is the best for romantic weekend).The good thing in countryside community that everyone know each other and some of them really friendly. 
Hippy clothes

Hand made jewellery
Hand made jeweller
I love the most was market with hand made jewellery, hippy clothes, second hand books( as if I ever read..LOL)
Ice cream, anyone??


Hang To found a way to Fairy Cave
Purchased on one of the kind jewelle
Then we continue to visit the Fairy Cave, this cave were so many millions years old and one of National Treasure. All the sparkle crystal were created from dripping water over many millions years..(I did asked tour guild if i could find DIAMONDS in the cave and the answer were NO,...too bad so sad)
Our ticket

First footstep inside the cave

    When we were in the cave, the first thought in my head were "What the hell! how comes so dark in here?? I can't see anything". Suddenly the tour guild just turned on the lights and in one second the dark cave turn up to be bright and sparkle. Crystals reflecting with lights gave me idea of glamorous stage with full of glitters and spotlights.. So its took us about 45 mins to went through the cave, lots of stairway and some part we have to go down in our knees.
The whole cave of crystals

Glitter Crystal
Quite wet down in the cave
Spike crystals dripping water

Crystals in different form 

Crystals in different form

Best friend for ever

Tricky part where we have to knees down the ground(amazing experience)
Watch out for our head



Amazing creation from Mother Nature. I loved every moment of it and I recommend everyone should try this tour once in your lifetime..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Secret for healthy hair

    I have long hair and sometimes so hard to maintain it, normally I tight my hair up. Whenever I let's my hair down, people always ask me what I put on my hair.

   So now I like to share with everyone my secret. Through out the years I tried so many hair products, from hand made, low end to high end salon products but most of them didn't work for my hair... I dye my hair regularly and I'm very fascinating about my hair( I protect and maintain with all my power LOL)
  Once I used to follow some hand made secret recipe that only use natural ingredients(because I beleive whatever good for inside body will be good for outside of body too LOL), so I follow the whole ingredients that are sugar, olive oil, yoghurt, honey, orange juice and lemon juice, coconut oil... I mixed them together, smell so good and I apply the whole mixture on my hair, it's make my hair soft but the whole process took so long to prepare.

   So I found the best product that I can maintain my hair without wasting time to prepare, That is Ultraorganics Clear Henna Wax Hair Treatment. This wax help prevent breakage, make my hair softer, and give my hair extra volume. I recommended this product to a lots of people and they were so happy with their results. The best is it work for all hair types and even on Colour Treated Hair.
    *This is a product that blending of natural ingredients that provide the healthiness for your hair. 
    * Not test on animals
    * Australia very owned
    * Affordable: about $7 at Priceline
     The good thing about this product that I can use in 2 ways: Rinse out 10 minutes treatment and leave on daily moisturiser.
     *Rinse out 10 minutes treatment: apply clear wax on after shampoo for 10 minutes then rinse out
     * Leave on daily moisturiser: apply clear wax on after shampoo and leave it on and style as usual( my hair feel cool and I can feel the the moisture last all day long without itchiness or greasy)

It's Natural, It's Work and It's give Super Result


   Also the other wonderful product that I recommend for everyone is Grape Seed Glossing Serum from Body Shop.
 After all blow dry, straightening, curling, waving my hair, it's become little fizzy and dry. So I use one or two drops of this serum to calm and relax my hair and it's give hair the extreme glossy shine.
  The Bonus point of this product is smell so good, so fruity which I adore so much.

This is the best serum to give your hair super glossy shine look 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Priceline Best Buy

         Well, today i were wondering around in shopping centre at lunch time and don't know what to do... I were just look, look, look and look....(just wanna look and thinking in my head that I'M NOT ALLOW TO BUY ANYTHING)
          Suddenly, something caught my eyes, it's was Revlon Hair Color, it was on special in Priceline for $9.99, so I were thinking " do i need new hair color?"........!!! 

          Just like Miss Universe Pageant that they have 30 seconds to answer the tough question, so its took me 30 seconds to says final Yes (even tho I don't need hair color but I can't resist the the special price, Also if i don't need it now, i will need it for the next 6 months anyway. " I'm such as good as in back up plan huh???lol")

        So i hold up a package of hair color, one after the other, they are all beautiful colors that made me so confuse. then something happen so quick in my eyes like a "BANG BANG". There were a sign says that made any purchase over $40 and receive the gift bag(worth $185). So automatic in my head there are numbers coming up and I did my maths like a Pro And I have long hair, I have to protect and maintained as much as I can (beauty require a lots of work, lol)

  I ended up buy 2 package of Revlon hair colors, John Frieda shampoo and conditioner( all together $48)

and this is what i get for free


Anyway, this is the best buy ever, so I recommend everyone should get this chance when the stock last...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dark Shadows huh??

My best friend had 2 free Gold Class tickets and she invited me to see Dark Shadows.
as usual I always check the trailer on Youtube to see if I'm still interesting, well the trailer is amazing ("as if trailer ever bad, lol") and behind the scene clips even made me more exciting.

What do i think of this movie??
Well, i have to say that Tim Burton is a perfectionist, every little details, crops, locations, costume, camera angles, visual effects, music, colours, casting characters are perfection. 
He mixed vampire + 70's style + fairy tale = unusual a piece of art

       This vampire (Johny Depp)version is way classier than any other vampire movie i ever see, he dressed in style, he spoke with charming romance and he behaved like gentleman
       Also the character that got my attention the most is The Witch (Eva Green), everything she did  from violence, flirty, angry were extremely sexy. specially when she wore red sequins dress that take my breath away.
       Furthermore, i love the 70's fashion style, big hair, red lip stick, bright blue eyes shadows, sequins and retro patterns shirts and flare pants. disco ball ( what else can u ask for) 

The story was gentle, not too violence (except for the violence make out scene of 2 monsters.... lol)

So I love it and I think everyone should see this movie


behind the shadows